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Howdy howdy I'm Jackal/Vyn! I'm mainly a furry digital artist, but I love messing around with a variety of creative mediums.


4/30/24: C2E2 2024 Wrap up notes

4/18/24: Published my short novel "Vyn"




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C2E2 2024 Wrap up notes April 30th, 2024

Cosplaying for the first time was a lot of fun, especially doing a couples cosplay! I've fursuited before obviously but being a character I liked was special, especially a furry like Legoshi with Haru! It was fun acting out as him, I tried to sound like him, and walk like him, yknow roleplay as him as I walked around the con floor. As well as doing some of the poses like his cover pose where he leans back. I want to cosplay Hatsune Miku next for sure, she's one of my favs :3 Umm yeah cosplaying is awesome and another thing to add onto my enormous list of hobbies and things I've tried in life.

Extra memory: I remember practicing my Legoshi voice at Joanns fabric, it was kind of cringy but a lot of fun. Same with walking around the hotel floor before contime, trying to mimic his walk and hands. The SU Connie thing followed the same story basically. It was fun roleplaying as connie with my special person as Steven around the hotel, confloor, and chinatown in Chicago!

I finished watching Steven Universe! March 8th, 2024

I recently watched Steven Universe, or specifically finished the series. I had previously only seen some episodes years ago when it initially released, but just never completed it for some reason. Anyways, binge watched it with my special someone and it was a wonderful experience. I physically recoiled and reacted and yelped at certain scenes that dealt with emotional situations that I myself experienced. That's the immediate praise I want to give this show, the emotional scenes that I can relate to hit... they hit HARD. I'm not going to go deep into it since I don't think I should vent that hard on my blog, but scenes involving Connie and her mom, Ruby in the pool at the motel, Sadie with her mom at the event where she initially was going to perform her pop song. I can't remember other specific moments off the top of my head but I did have at least 6 solid physical reactions to emotional scenes.

The plot itself was very well written, character development, and the dialogue was very mature when it came to emotional scenes. Again, this show writes emotions very well, and I love the love in this show. All the relationships are beautiful, biggest example being Garnet of course. Fusion itself also being a main thing, ughhhhhhhhhh (good groan) yeah this show does love well, in fact I'd say one of the only shows I think that writes different kinds of love perfectly/near perfectly.

As for the art style I'll focus on the background art first because gahdayum the backgrounds, sets, architecture, environments, anything and everything not character related was drawn beautifully. So many opportunities for wallpapers! Lot's of beautiful gradients, vector shapes, and excellent terrain. All I need.

As for character's themselves. All well designed, but my personal favorites are Garnet, Peridot, Steven, and Sadie... which is most of the main characters. Love em tho! Garnet's voice is amazing along with their backstory. Peridot, well, she just like me frfr. Steven of course being the main character has a lot of development as he matured. Sadie reminds me a lot of my best friend. Yeaurppp that's pretty much it. If you wanted a deep analysis of the entire show this blog is not for that XD, go read the wiki. Really great show, highly recommend it. OH and also the soundtrack (instrumentals and main songs) are absolutely fantastic. I have a bunch of them in my Spotify playlists and likes. Speaking of which I have to organize my Spotify again... argh.

Joy of TTRPG's and RPG's in general January 20th, 2024

So I've always enjoyed RPG's since... well ever. Especially with my passion for Dark Souls since 2017. I never really got into physical TTRPG's even like DnD. I love the idea of DnD and the possibility it brings, but I could never find myself actually sitting down consistently for sessions. It's too large of a commitment, and other TTRPG's didn't interest me.

So lucky for me when months ago I decided to create a physical replica and homebrew version of Inscryption


(Seen above)

I have tried multiple sessions of it, creating a new adventure every time! Since then I've grown ever more fond of TTRPG's and the unique joy that only they can bring. I grew fond of roleplaying as the antagonist, or story teller, or mix of both. It's a lot of fun! I've introduced ideas from DnD like decision making and communication events into Inscryption that you otherwise wouldn't get from the digital copy.

Anyways now I recently purchased Baldurs Gate III and I have been LOVING it! So much to do, to say, so many things to interact with. It's the closest to a TTRPG experience I could get in digital format!

Urmm yeah that's all I gotta say. Fantasy and medieval stuff rocks :D

Gender Identity Struggles Part 3 - "Sir" January 9th, 2024

So further continuing with how I feel about being identified in different ways. Today I went to a gas station to pick up some things for my best friend. While in there I was wearing my Axolotyl beanie my friend got me for chrimas. My earrings, round glasses, and unisex clothing leaning towards a slightly more fem look, not a lot but I clearly was not attempting to look masculine in any way.

I go up to the worker and they say "How is your day sir." And my immediate thoughts after were "Whoa okay haha buddy alright you can call me sir once." Then after I say my days good Sir." And that hit me. I don't know how to explain my specific disturbance. It was the flood of a weird feeling. I thought to myself that I'm not presenting as a woman so I can't tell them to referr to me as not sir, nor nonbinary because I doubt they would even know what I was talking about. I also began to think if it even was worth informing them I didn't want to be called sir as it was just a quick interraction that I wouldn't have again with them. I know they're doing it out of respect, since they're obviously under the assumption that I am a man. So they refer to me as such.

However I still didn't like it. I just had to accept it in the moment. I was called sir 6 times throughout that interaction. Now I'm not traumatized or anything, I'm fine mostly. They didn't do anything wrong. Again I just felt... like I wish everyone just knew what I preferred or felt like. But I know the world doesn't work like that, I just wish it did.

The worst part is I don't know what I would have preferred more. For them to refer to me as nothing, no mentions of masc pronouns, or preference for fem pronouns, or simply would just prefer to have me referenced as "you". "You have a good day." "Would you like a bag." "How was your day?" No sir. No sir. I am not a sir...

Every day more and more I wish I was born a woman. Not to become one, but to have just been one. I wish I lived in the beauty of a woman's world. There's a certain love that women have and show to each other, it's something I am slowly over months getting to be more and more part of. It is beautiful, such a beauty of empathy I've never been able to experience before. I could never go back to a man's world, It's not the same. I don't feel like myself. But again I also am not ready to jump into such a confusing world of seeing myself as a woman who always was. So I stick to a general nonbinary title, as it best suits me. I'm not a man, but I don't mind he/him. I'm not a woman, although I would love to be seen as she/her without a question... unfortunately some people will only respect you unless you "pass". I fit best somewhere in the middle. But even then I want to be somewhere else. This world is very judgemental. I'll hang safely within the comfort of my friends. Not even my own brain can make me feel safe.

Gender Identity Struggles Part 2 December 27th, 2023

So this is just a follow up of my previous post. Currently listening to Ww by Other Nothing, I really enjoy listening to a certain genre of ambient music that resembles Silent Hill's atmosphere as it perfectly... or near perfectly helps me express how I feel. It's a certain empty emotion I cannot express in words, so I let music do the talking.

Anyways back on topic. I've felt better having He/They/She as my pronouns. As I stated previously I don't really like seeing myself as a "man" despite me being indifferent to Him/Masc expressions. Although that has changed recently. I've stated previously that I don't really see myself as a woman, nor do I think I ever truly could be one. As I feel like a fraud if I were to transition (A whole nother can of personal worms that I'm not gonna talk about), and also I'm not ready for such a drastic change, whether physical or simply in the way I choose to identify. However a recent experience has led me to some more self discovery.

I went roller skating with my best friend who is a cis woman. And she let me borrow some of her clothes, a skirt, a vest, and some fishnets. The rest was from my own wardrobe. I felt... myself in them. It was refreshing to finally be able to dress the way I wanted to.

I don't want to be referred to as a femboy, nor as crossdressing. I hate that, for myself. Femboy is an objectifying term to me, and I don't want to be seen that way. Crossdressing I am a man who's supposed to be dressed in men's clothes, but I am pretending to be a woman in women's clothing. It's an awful term and makes me feel off, I don't like it. Again because I don't want to be seen as man.

When I am wearing more feminine clothing, that is it. I am simply wearing more feminine clothing. I am not a man, I am not a woman, I am simply wearing clothes.

However further gender confusion proceeds. As during the entire night, and when I got home, I felt like a real woman. I was holding my best friends hand most of the time since they had some difficulty keeping their balance, and throughout every moment I held her hand I understood.

I would tease the girls at school when I was a kid with my old friend. We'd call them lesbians because they held hands and thought it was weird. But now I get it, the support women have for eachother is something I never understood nor even had an oppurtinity to understand when I was younger, until now. I've always chosen to play as female characters in my games, since I was a kid in Black Ops 2 zombies as Misty. And my nicest friends through highschool to now were all women. There's a special type of friendship that I've only experience with queer afab/nonbinary people. It's something special and beautiful to me. I know part of it is the struggles we've faced due to bullying for our identity. And again I am partly of fault of that as a child, I teased others for the reasons that I would also be later on. But it never ends.

At that night when I was dressed more fem with my friend. I was bullied, I was called slurs, and had my drink thrown away by someone when I wasn't looking. However I wasn't upset, because I was so over ecstatic and at peace with the fact that I felt like a real woman for that night, I felt the beauty of a woman to woman friendship that I was so lucky to have. It's something I could have never thought to ask for, but I have it.

I feel my truest self in feminine/unisex clothing. It's unfortunate I live in a world where I am hated for simply trying live as myself. However the few people in my life that accept me, are beyond anything I could ever have dreamed of.

I've considered switching my pronouns around from he/they/she to they/she/he. Again I don't mind masc pronouns and expressions, however I won't deny I prefer more fem slang and expressions. Life is an interesting thing, I am almost 22... that's okay.

Gender Identity Issues + Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack December 4th, 2023

I'm listening to the SH2 soundtrack as I type this. I have a fondness for it as many of the tracks perfectly sound how I feel at times of confusion as I fight my own thoughts. As in times where I know a certain emotion I'm feeling is wrong, or unnecessary, and I realize it's dumb, but my body tries its hardest to make me feel that way no matter how hard I understand I don't really feel that way. I constantly have fights with my body and brain. Where I think one way, but my brain and body makes me feel another, why? I'm not exactly sure. I hate it, it's confusing.

Anyways gender. Where I am at right now I'm comfortable with he/him/they/them as I try sometimes to dress more unisex, or to hide my masculine features that would make someone look at me and say "that's a man". I don't want to be seen as a man, but I'm fine with being seen as a guy. I'm not sure how to phrase it perfectly. I don't find he/him pronouns uncomfortable, I like them, but I don't want to be seen as a man. Nor do I want to be seen as a woman for the most part. A part of me wishes I was born a woman, and to live through the afab experience growing up. Not because I think my life would be perfect. Women suffer their own ordeal of issues whether societal or just bodily functions. However growing up queer and myself just being more flamboyant/overly expressive/more comfortable in my femininity in the way I like/wish to dress and behave. I always just got along better with women, they made me feel safer to be myself, more comfortable. And yet I can never grow with them the way I wish I could have, as I was born a man. (I know just because I was born male there was nothing physical preventing me from hanging out with girls and women) It's just myself growing up in early teens, I would just end up sticking with mostly men as I had more hobbies related with them, but personalities didn't always mesh. As many of the men I hung out with weren't very accepting as women were of my personality and expression. Every year though I did always have at least one or two afab friends and I have nearly no poor experiences with them, they were wonderful to be with.

Right now I'm very greatful for my queer friends, and my bestfriend herself for letting me feel like the person/woman I wish I was, or at least what I think of what I would be. Again, really confusing topic and answers. I self contradict because I don't really "feel" like a woman, so right now I stick to a more unisex fashion approach when I feel like dressing up. As I am more comfortable with he/him/they/them pronouns, however I absolutely feel great when I receive more feminine compliments such as pretty, slay, girl, similar slang, etc.

This rant isn't really going anywhere, again my mind is always busy with things to do, say, and feel. As I've been saying for years, I don't think I'll ever be happy with my body, because knowing I wasn't born a woman and can never easily be one without suffering even more harsh criticism from the world I live in. I look in the mirror and see someone, it's me, but I don't feel like it is. If I'm not dressed up, and I'm just in sweatpants and a shirt I see me, a man, but I look at my eyes and I see a person. I think my eyes are my best visual asset. When I dress nicely though in my punk, black, or brown soft thrifted fits I feel more like myself. Mostly because I'm expressing myself and of course I feel closer to my true self when I dress how I want, and I feel more satisfied with who I am then. It helps me feel more like the person I was born to be. So its the perfect middle ground between wishing I was afab, and distancing myself from my "man" identity I've always been seen as. Again it's weird because I don't mind he/him pronouns, like at all, I feel indifference to them. Just however being labelled a man sucks.

Why don't I just switch to she/her pronouns if I want to feel like a woman so bad? Well it's not that easy, again I don't feel like a woman, even though I wish I was born as one, and even if I favor feminine compliments, and fashion, and everything. Just calling myself a woman, or even identifying as one also doesn't feel right... life is confusing, there's so many things to worry about in life, and just having to struggle with my own self about how I see myself makes every day a challenge.

I'm still liste


Surfing the webz #1 - Web Rings! November 22nd, 2023

What are heck are they?

I'll quickly brush on them since maybe i'm just the only one that realized what they are :P

Basically they're a collection (or ring) of websites connected by a theme using HTML, in this case being either a public list, or if you're within a ring site, you'll be able to find a surf section for that ring to click and move on to the next!

Imagine it like a mini internet within the internet, or like a social media where you can only find accounts rather than content through an feed! Whoa.

Look at them!!!!!

Anyways this is a short blog post, just wanted to share two rings I found revolving around things important to me. Now unfortunately I don't code, as my site is created using tools like Cardd, rather than self coded so I don't want to take the spotlight from these people, although maybe one day I will get myself in one of these web rings. That would be nice!



Here's the two web rings I wanted to focus on. Pretty self explanatory, rings for furries and queer people. Fair to say some overlap.

Here's some of my favs from a quick surf!

https://mooeena.site/ (Really soft, cute layout & colors)

https://expectationemesis.net/ (Cool aesthetic & personality)

https://bucketfish.me/ (Makes music, software, and more)

Making stuff for yourself just because you can November 21st, 2023

Just a simple rant?

Not sure how to word it, but recently I've been enjoying my passion for creation in a refreshing new/old way by just doing fun stuff I like without the focus being receiving social media interactions. Now obviously I would still like my art to reach its target and grow, but I guess the way the phrase it is... before I have drawn with the intention to purely grow my numbers, I mean I still drew what I wanted.

For example this piece. I really enjoy the FNAF franchise, and Springtrap is one of my favorite animatronics/characters. Their design and lore is fucking cool, but I admit a partial drive for this piece was getting into the FNAF audience for some growth, and while that isn't evil or anything crazy. Like duh I want my fandom art to reach the fandom, wow crazy concept. I think having growth be my partial influence for drawing this piece made it feel less... connected? Like I don't feel the love for this piece as I did for something like my Inscryption artwork. Which I hyperfixated (and still am on) and purely dew fan art because I just really loved the characters and game itself without thinking about "Oh I wonder how this will help me grow."

And that's not to say drawing for your chosen fandom is bad or will make your art bad. It's just my approach to drawing, I feel that when I draw and there's partial influence for the growth aspect it doesn't come out the way I wanted to, or I just don't personally feel as connected to it. Although I'm still of course proud of the work I've made.

Having fun recently

So to end it, I just realized recently I've been having a great time making stuff because I haven't been thinking about how it will affect my growth as an artist. Like the Inscryption IRL board, zero of that was influenced with the end goal being social growth. It was purely because I really loved the game and was itching to play it IRL with friends, and boom now I have one and it's amazing to play!

Same with my other recent works. The fursona Inscryption card was just a cool thing I wanted to do because it was a fun idea. No intention of social growth, just a fun little picture to make! The sketch before that came from a personal vent I've had to talk myself through about things personal to me, mostly dealing with gender identity and how I feel towards myself in different clothing. A heavy topic but I felt it could lightly be expressed without too much deeper meaning in a sketch. Then before that my OC Gwynevere, a rendered piece which I haven't done in a while. I am extremely proud of myself with the lighting and shading in that one, soooo gorgeous :D But yeah just all in all a little rant on how I've approached art recently and in general and how I've seen it affect the way I connect and display my artwork.

How I made Inscryption IRL November 13th, 2023


Yeah big surprise, I took my own money and hours to create a replica of the game, but oh man was it worth it and I'm excited to show you how!

Materials and cost

Scissors (already have), Cork Board ($13), printed heaviest cardstock at Office Depot ($16), ziploc bags (already had), glue sticks ($9), and a small box to hold my stuff in ($8).

The real struggle is time

The hardest part about creating your own Inscryption isn't really the cost of materials, but rather the time investment to do such a thing. First of all there's some good resources for in-game assets, but not a full Act 1 deck ready to play along with full board and map assets. At least not from what I could find. I had to create an 8.5x11 artboard (later upscaled to 11x17 through Office Depot's website) and lay out the cards I wanted to have for my deck. Usually being able to fit 9 cards per page. That alone took about 2 hours just to lay out every page, and another hour for the rulebook. Then having to wait next day to drive and pick up the materials and use their giant cutting board tool to get rid of large unnecessary empty space. (I also fucked up and didn't perfectly align every card which requires more precise scissor cutting later on when I could have sped up the process by cutting multiple pages perfectly with their giant cutting board). That drive + initial cutting was like another 2 hours. Then gluing ALL those cards together was easily another 4 hours! Augh yeah, lots of effort, but worth it.

How does it play? As you'd expect. It's Inscryption, with a little more time in-between as Leshy (In this case myself) having to manage all numbers and mechanics like the map and gameplay is a lot, but I'd rather deal with that than haul it onto the player. I want to deliver the most fluid experience so in order to do that you have to let the player worry about the bare minimum. Despite that it still is amazing! I have the Inscryption soundtrack saved so I play the appropriate song. There's also a 3 map phase and the prospector fight. Totalling to 6 fights and 1 boss to win. I am super proud of this project and I can't wait to have a full death card deck (Yes I have a death card system too!)

Death cards, how do they work here?

I bought a shitty old digital camera on ebay to use for nostolgia purposes, but it fills the role here of Leshy's camera! My best friend was the first death card so I took a pic of her with it, then all I gotta do is print it and glue it to the card. I then let her roll a die to determine her cards damage and health. Boom, death card system, and of course future players can then use those in their deck.

Upgrading the deck

Luckily once you have your mechanics and essentials finished. You can easily print more cards later for cheap! My starter deck just has canines and antler cards, along with bone cards. Some more complex sigils and cards will be added down the line once I get a hang of being a good Leshy.

OPTIMIZE THE FILEZ! Website progress November 3rd, 2023

Urmm it takes too long

The worst part of any website you go to is when it takes a while to load. Often caused by large and multiple media, optimizing file sizes is still important today even if devices come with hundreds of gigabytes of storage and mobile data speeds are a lot better than what they used to be 10+ years ago. Having a fluid and quick website is key to a great user experience.


Yeah so basically back when I had a Patreon I was obsessed with compressing files to be as small as possible, not only is it fun, it's useful since upload speeds tend to be a lot slower than download speeds. Same things apply here to my new website. I noticed especially on the "My OC's" page it would sometimes take a while for the character cards to load all together as each one was about 5+mb, which isn't a lot at all, but all together can cause a slight delay in loading. Either way I wanted everything to load fasterrrr!!! So I did the easy thing, and optimized it using an online tool and bam all my stuff loaded faster.

Great job, so what

Well no that's it, just wanted to share that since I have a lot of fun making this website and this blog is one way to show progress. Also I want to make this website something that I would/will use myself, so I want to deliver the bests experience. I miss the old internet, this is one way to relive it.

Reject modernity, return to desktop focused internet November 2nd, 2023

How I got the idea to convert my overhaul my site.

I recently watched the video The Web Has Lost it's Soul by Shadok in where they explore and reminisce on the beauty of the older internet. In one portion they discuss on making your own website using HTML code and the help of NeoCities.org, a platform for other creators to host their own coded website. I was immediately inspired and motivated by this that I went and created my own account, and finished the basic tutorial. Soon I realized just how difficult it is to code, and within 24 hours gave up and was sad that I wasn't going to be able to fulfill my web design dreams. Luckily I soon realized that my current site builder Cardd has a variety of tools to create a more in depth site compared to my basic mobile first layout. So I began.

The process.

The first revision was already what I kind of wanted out of a main page, however a lot of the unique creative flare is missing as I just needed to get a layout together. I took a huge inspiration from a variety of sites. Here's a few!






From this point I had more of the final revision that you can see live at this moment. Had my scrapbook ready, my favs, and my commission section all touched up.

Less tabs! Less tabs now! Host it all on site!!!

Basically I wanted the user experience to be as quick and link-clutter-free as possible! So the less external websites my links brought people to the better! So I deactivated my Patreon and moved to Ko‑fi since it had a better embed UI. Slapped that on the main page so people don't have to move to another site to view content. And finally moved my characters from CharacterHub to on-site with new profile cards! I'll also be moving extra character art and organizing it on Pinterest with an available link in site on the OC page. So less website accounts for me to have to manage yay! (Edit: Can't have both my shop and blog on my site because embeds broken lol womp womp)

Was it worth it?

YES DUH!!!!!! Ummm but yeah hope to continue updating this site often, it's like a living piece of art! Click click click clack tip tap tip tap [YOU'VE GOT MAIL]

My Works


Vyn, an anthro jackal rogue, finds themselves desperate to live an easier life as an artist. Envious of the town's renowned art graduate Yemi, Vyn conducts a plan to obtain their profitable success; Selling words is easier than art. - Status: Published and completed. Fantasy, D&D fanfiction/universe.

The Sound of Failure

Koda finds themselves trapped in an old cabin with a seemingly blood hungry man of the forest eager for a game. Cards are drawn, blood is shed, and Koda has to escape before they make a bad play. Who is this man, where are they, and why is this card talking perfect english? - Status: Published but unfinished. Inscryption fanfic./p>

All my written work that I have published is available for free in PDF, and EPUB. Enjoy!
Google Drive here

My Reviews

The Stranger

The Stranger is an excellent book, the main character shares a portion of his life. I'm not sure exactly how to word this review so I'll share what I liked. I understand the character, his actions, why he does the things he does, more-so, the things he just goes with the decisions others choose. Not because he doesn't have opinions, he does, he expresses what he feels. They're not strong enough or worth it to him to act upon those decisions. His life is more so moved by the actions of others. Whether those are fine, or immoral, or just criminal. They're not his actions, more of his body. How else do I say it?

He's very indifferent at times. He shows his emotions in other ways. He's not strongly moved emotionally by things other's might perceive as the right reaction. Like the death of a close family member. A romantic interest that is more one sided, but he still appreciates her. Acquainted with certain people that he shouldn't be but simply is because that's the people the world put next to him. I somewhat relate to his lack of emotional expressiveness, behaviors (not actions), and motions through life. He's not happy, at first I thought it was going to be a story about "Oh, he's just depressed" or something bland. However no, he's more so just... fine, with the way things are, but also not. Conformed?

He's not a good person. I believe even the actions you don't take are actions at times. I don't want to portray the protagonist as a good person. He's not a monster in my eyes either. I simply understand his emotions and thoughts. That's what I liked about this book. I understood him. I was less interested in the world around him, and more just interested in him. That's what I favored. There's my review. 5/5✶

MAGE and The Endless Unknown

MAGE is reallyyyyy gooood! Amazing art, cute little characters and big ol freaks of nature. Body horror done very well. Magic, landscapes, grrrrauurhrhruhhrhrhghghh also itched my Dark Souls spot with the life cycle aspect. Little episodic parts share the story of MAGE tasked with travering an old fantasy world, whether the creature that tasked them with this is good or not is up to you. I find it cruel, but hey what god isn't? Again the cycle aspect like Dark Souls has.

It's also a very quick "read", bonus points if you create the foley in your head and animations. Literally read it now!!! It's free too (I read the physical version that I got from the library but the creator put it up online) https://magecomic.com/ 5/5✶

Gender Queer

Gender Queer is a very beautifully written memoir of the author's struggle with eir assigned gender, and finding eir identity. I love it very much! A lot of the issues and confusion I connected with, however of course on my side it was with being assigned male at birth and Maia's being female. Of course like every person, I did not go through the exact issues, but a lot of internal and external conflicts were shared. More specifically clothing, our assigned gonads, whether the other sex felt more like us, but not really since being in the middle felt more at home. Again, this book spoke to me from the cover alone when I saw it at the library, and reading the first few pages I knew I had to pick it up. I do not regret it a single bit, I loved every word and drawing, and every experience and struggled shared and not shared. I understood, and so did E.

I recommend this if you struggle or are confused about your feelings with your identity and/or body. If you don't, well I still recommend it as a way to see the way someone else may struggle with life and find peace through it as well. It's beautiful. 5/5✶

Unicorn Boy

There’s not an awful lot to say about this. Not in a bad way but more so in regards to the substantial content. It is a harmless fun adventure about a boy who gets powers from their horn, and wishes to be normal but must use their powers for good. I’m sure you’ve seen media with a similar premise.

The humor is mildly entertaining, the art style is good, the writing is also just good. It was a pleasure to read but again that’s all there really is to say. I do appreciate the nonbinary representation, that was nice. The Cat Angel thing was cute too, really liked that design choice. I probably won’t seek out further content from this author/artist, but I can recommend it as an easy read. 3/5✶

D&D Dungeon Club ROLL CALL

As mentioned in some of my blog posts and reviews I’ve recently gotten back into reading and writing. I’m actually currently finishing writing my own D&D related fiction about the backstory of my character.

Anyways the books that I have been getting back into are purely text novels. Which I am fine with, but I completely forgot that graphic novels existed. I still knew of manga, and was considering picking up a manga series, but when I went to Barnes & Noble and into the kids/youth section I was amazed. I haven’t been into the youth section in YEARS, and I was shocked to see how much more there was to read in there. What immediately caught my eyes was this book. Again, I’m a huge medieval fantasy nerd and have been interested in D&D (Yet I’ve never played, apart from Baldur's Gate III). Anyways I saw the D&D logo in the youth section and my immediate thought was “No way.” because usually these games entail violence, mature themes, and well I guess at minimum I’d expect D&D media would be in the young adult/teen section. So I ran up and yuppers there it was. Anyways I got it.

Actual Review time! The art style is excellent, I love the fantasy and regular character designs. The fashion and clothes are drawn very well and I appreciate every fit. The background art is very clear and simple, not in a bad way of course. The artist does a great job of getting the environment across with only the basic details, and the colors are so soft. I will say some of the backgrounds obviously have more detail and that is done so well too! Actually all the backgrounds are so good, I just sifted through the pages again, love em! The D&D portions are so good too, love the stat sheets that are shown whenever a new character is introduced. And I enjoyed the little plot twist to it and quest throughout. Obviously I will not go into specifics so you can go and read it, but yes the D&D parts are GREAT.

As for the IRL sections, it is also a good story! A great cast of characters and I almost teared up at one of the end points where two of the characters make up after a fight. The conflicts are realistic with middle schoolers, a little oomphed of course for the sake of literature but I promise this story moves along great. Yearp! Gonna get back into reading more graphic novels, and I believe there is a sequel to this so Imma read that too! GO READ IT! 5/5✶

Captive Prince

Captive Prince was definitely an interesting return to literature after not having read any books for 4+ years. Not just because the topics involved, but also the complexities of its story plots, characters, actions, and wording. I admit I'm not the smartest, nor will I ever try to act it, as any attempt to fake it will reveal itself with any word that has more than four syllables. C.S. Pacat definetely had thesarous.com pulled up, the amount of complex words I had to double take and look up was a little irritating, as it took me out of the book and forced my imagination to stop, and to turn it into a quick homework assignment, or risk losing vital information that the author wanted me to know. That's just a personal thing though, it doesn't take any value from the book itself. It's just annoying for me to deal with.

Anyways what I thought of the plot and characters. Most of the names were hard to memorize up until the middle/end of the book. The only names I could remember quickly were the introductory characters who were referenced again and again, those being The Regent, Damon, Laurent, Nikeaos, Ancel, Torvil. As for locations the amount of times I forgot how to properly pronounce the names of any cities that wasn't Achillos, such as Laurent's home town of Vier (Viera?). It probably doesn't help that this book was read to me rather than I myself reading it. That's not the fault of the reader however, it's just my brain and the way it processes things and anytime something sounded "off" my brain would freeze for a second, causing words to crash like a line of kids pushing each other rushing to go to recess. Again not a fault of the reader, just my lack of literacy skills and my brain being the way it is.

It's always hard dealing with names in fiction or the real world, it's super difficult for me to remember the names of new people. Once you introduce fantasy elements and names you'd normally never hear, it's a recipe for forgetting. Which did slightly taint my experience since it drew away focus I could have spent imagining the scenarios in my head, and instead playing a game of catch up. Being like okay X did Y in the last part, and having to replay everything up to that point like a recap episode. All the while it's being read to me, again my brain clearly has difficulties processing things. I wish it didn't because I really wish I could have loved this more than I did enjoy it, I might have to re-read it.

THE PLOT! Very... very interesting. If it wasn't for my friend reading this to me I would have quit, not because it's poorly written. In fact the complete opposite, every word in this book is essential and provided me what I needed to create a full movie in my head, and that was wonderful! I'm more so talking about the heavy topics, specifically some form of implied rape. With the protagonist Damon being traded as a slave in exchange for peace between his homeland and where he is imprisoned. He is quickly within the first chapters thrown into what I call a "Rape Battle" where by the societal standards of the land he must fight his enemy and "take him" or risk himself being "taken." You can see why most, including myself would immediately be offput and might just label this as some weird fetish fiction.

However, art is meant to provide comfort and discomfort based upon the artist's vision. I can't call something not art because I don't like it's themes. I wanted to finish it and then judge based on the entire work, rather than a small portion of it. Depending on the media of course my patience may vary.

Continuing on, this event is only part of the extreme moral grey line this society does. The author does a great job of describing the depravities of this civilization, while not glorifying it. The intent is to dislike this society the protagonist finds themselves slaved in. It is a very brutal way to incline the reader into the "The good guy has to find a way out" kind of thing you find in a lot of media. It's far more unique in this book however compared to other media. Even in SAW series where the outcome of every situation is a horribly grusome bloody death, I didn't feel as inclined to root for the characters. Not because I hated them, but because I didn't feel for them as much, due to the writing. C.S. Pacat does a great job of not directly telling you to hate, or root for the bad guy, but obviously heavily pushes you with how these events occur.

Again I will say the writing is effective, and the character dynamics work great. As I progressed through the chapters I was interested in how they would next interact based upon what I had knowledge of as a reader, and what the character knew based on their in story situation. It was fun guessing what would occur. I was always trying to figure out how the protagonist would get themselves out of their seemingly hopeless situation. Every character in this book is capable and intelligent, so you can never hope on a mistake to carry the plot forward, and I enjoyed that. Everything here is planned, and thought out by someone.

My only complaint would be the garden scene. I understand its purpose in regards to further enforcing the hopelessness of characters. And who's bad for doing X, and why this society is bad, and the protagonist has to escape. Which the rest of the book does perfectly without what happens in the garden. Again, just like the battle from the beginning of the book I felt like this could have been written any other way.

I do recommend this book, but it is absolutely not for everyone. I myself question the author. I think I'll stick to young adult titles. However, Dark Rise (from the same author) so far seems to be more to my taste, so expect a review on that when I finish it. 4/5✶

Lore Olympus Volume One

I always enjoyed reading graphic novels as a kid. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants, Re-Zero Manga. It was more up my alley since reading text-only books was awful for my miserable attention span. Anyways my friend recommended I read this, and I accepted as it was a graphic novel, and as I am getting back into reading again this seemed perfect!

Lore Olympus is a romance story between Hades and Persephone, accompanied by other Greek gods, all shown seemingly as young adults in a modern life with the Greek fantasy twists. I did enjoy that, it is a very easy read, and does delve into some heavier topics such as morally grey consent, but it's not pushed upon heavily until later, nor is it very intensely descriptive, I don't want it to seem like this takes up a huge chunk of the story. I don't find it tasteless myself, these topics always push me off a bit however due to personal reasons. Again, art can provide comfort and discomfort based upon the creators intentions, so I always try to keep an open mind.

The art style is beautiful, with it being made to look like water colors, the characters being very distinguishable by their colors is nice for myself, as I struggle to remember names. The backgrounds are gorgeous, with many appearing to be wet canvases splattered purposefully with paint. I don't know how else to describe it but the art style alone in this is beautiful. I'm a huge fan of gradients and oh boy does this book's art style have them in abundance.

As for the writing/story itself I found myself comparing it to some kind of slice of life episodic story about Persephone finding a romance with Hades after she finds herself in a very unfortunate situation, planted in his car to seem as he kidnapped her. Interesting plot device for sure. Anyways drama grows between what her group and his, as her group only knows Hades as a dislikable awful person, and Hades' group figuring out why he would take interest in her. Not a very complex story, I'm also being vague to avoid spoilers. It was an easy casual read, and that's fine for me, however if this were to be translated to a text only book I don't think it would have held my attention. The art style definitely carried where the writing didn't. It's not that the writing is bad, it's cutesy, it's slice of life, again this was originally a webtoon converted to a physical release so I understand why the pacing is so rapid. I'm not sure if I'll continue reading this series, maybe another time. I'm not sure if I can recommend it too passionately myself. I did like the Greek themes and art, but if I was to read a slice of life drama romance novel, I might look somewhere else for something more to my tastes. 3/5✶


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